Hi! Welcome, and thanks for checking out my gallery/blog/creative vomit ♥♥

I’m Charm, and yes, it’s my real name. Actually, that’s not the whole truth – it’s really my middle name and I’ve gone by it my entire life. My first name may as well be non-existent; therefore, it’s not important; therefore, you don’t need know what it is unless you’re here to hire me and you will need it for legal paperwork. :p

I’m a visual artist with a knack for creatively designing and digitally manipulating/retouching things. Professionally, I’m a full-time Freelance Art Director, Senior Graphic/Web Designer and Production Artist. I’ve been getting my hands dirty with design and production for nearly 10 years. I attended Palomar College and California State University, San Marcos where I studied Visual Arts and Technology. I’m a trained graphic/web designer, front-end web developer, high-end photo retoucher, digital artist, and web producer; however, I’ve also had over seven years of sales and marketing experience ranging from retail sales to direct sales to B2B marketing.

I’ve produced and art directed commercial and editorial photo shoots where I managed projects and a team of creatives (photographers, designers, stylists, artists and models). I have experience in shooting commercial photography (both in-studio and on-location) and i’m highly skilled at photo retouch, CGI and photo manipulation. I’m a multidisciplinary digital artist with the ability to design for both print and web platforms – an all in one visual production and marketing support solution wrapped up in one little lady with ridiculously colorful hair. I have a strong eye for detail and colors as well as an imaginatively flexible style. I can go from minimal to bold to modern to funky to natural to surreal and everything in between.

I was born in the Philippines and relocated to Guam with my family when I was four years old; after high school, I moved and lived in sunny San Diego, CA for 10 years; and now, I reside in Seattle, WA with my two semi-trained, trouble making pups: Rocky and Marlee. I like to work…a lot, however, my big nerdy inner child also loves to goof around and play…A LOT. Non-professionally, I’m an experimental photographer, style junkie, wanna be make-up artist, model and kick-ass cook (sometimes). I believe I have this weird connection with color – either that, or I’m just overly obsessed with it. I have an immense love for shoes and accessories…oh you know, girly stuff! Music makes my world go round. I enjoy and appreciate all types of genuine music…mostly reggae, ska, rock, hip-hop, r&b, oldies, 80s/90s jams and anything else I can sing my heart out to. This site is my personal creative outlet and self-expression tool, therefore, it’ll mostly consist of my personal art and design work, random subjects that interest and inspire me, my life in Seattle or wherever else I may travel, random funny things because I like to laugh…A LOT, along with the rest of the shenanigans in my silly little world! Please view my portfolio to see samples of my commercial work or visit my LinkedIn profile to connect and learn more details on my professional experience.

Say hello and connect with me on Twitter and Instagram! Questions? Holler here.