Shot Becca as Poison Ivy! Here are before and afters of a couple images I played around with during post production…
Charm_Domacena_BeccaIvy1_banda Wasn’t quite sure where I was going with these manipulations so I guess these are my “rough drafts”. Hahaha ^_^
We also did a little pin-up style with this cosplay for her spread in Alpha Mary mag. Luv her version of Ivy <3 I will probably be editing these even more sometime in the future when time permits. I wanna make some cool photo manipulations & digital art with `em! Meanwhile, here are some of my faves from her feature.
Click here to view the rest of the photos from this set in Alpha Mary’s Spring/Summer issue.

Photography/Retouch: Charm Domacena
Model/Makeup/Styling: Rebecca Schnell
Studio: Indieluv Studio
Costume: Artifice Clothing
Hair: Arda Wigs

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